Introduction to Strategic management

The aim of the subject is to get students acquainted with an organization as with an economic organism in a competitive environment.

  1. The introductory part of the course deals with the notion of strategy, as a relation of the sequence of the inner and outer environment of any subject, and with the definition of means and strategies as a condition of its survival, respectively excellence.
  2. The following part will get students acquainted with the basic understanding of methods and techniques used in the analysis of both inner and outer environment of economic organisms and consequently there will be delimitated aims and means of their further development, towards excellence.
  3. In the final part the subject focuses on the formulation of strategic aims, development of economic organisms, including optimal means of how to achieve these aims as conditions of competitiveness explaining the sets of problems related to the implementation and evaluation of this strategy.

Learning outcomes and competences

After having successfully completed the course, students will be able to

  • recognize and evaluate the vision, mission and aims of a society and make its strategic analysis
  • draft a suitable strategy and steps for its implementation, and the way how to reach the formalized form by means of a strategic project of the development of an economic organism
  • understand the notions strategy, tactics and operatives, strategic analysis, innovation and change, competition and comparative effects and their expression and quantification
  • apply the acquired pieces of knowledge and skills to any economic object both in an entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial spheres
  • understand and apply the methodology connected with strategic management, including the methods and approaches related to any economic organism
  • present the results for expert and lay public interested in strategic issues related to the fruitfulness of the economic development

Assessment Methods and Criteria

Requirement type Daily attendance Combined form
Active lecture/seminar/workshop/tutorial participation 50 % 50 %
Presentation 20 % 20 %
Final test 30 % 30 %
Total 100 % 100 %


Ing. Jiří Dvořák, Ph.D. Jiří Dvořák is the head of the Department of Management, the Faculty of Management. His field of research is strategic management. He teaches courses focused on strategic management and international management. He is the author/co-author of more than 10 papers in interdisciplinary scientific journals and international conferences.
Ing. Stanislav Tripes

Ing. Stanislav Tripes

Stanislav Tripes is a lecturer at the Faculty of Management, the University of Economics, Prague. His field of research is strategic management, especially in the sport sector. He teaches courses focused on strategic management and management of organizations. He is also the co-director of the University Sport Club, the Faculty of Management.

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