Support for Research and Scientific Activities

Support may be offered to academics, scientific and research staff of the faculty, as well as to students of the doctorates study programme (regardless of the form). Funding is not provided for wages and rewards.

Priority forms of research and scientific activities

The financial resources are assessed in terms of the contribution to the applicant’s personal development and development priorities of the faculty in the field of R&S (increasing qualifications, increasing the international dimensions of science at the FM of the Prague University of Economics and Business, publication of quality outputs, especially journal publications or monographs at prestigious academic publishing houses, optimally acceptable from the point of view of the methodology of the results evaluation in the research organizations and the evaluation of results of completed programmes). Supported activities further include:

  • Preparation and submission of a R&S project to one of the grant agencies outside the Prague University of Economics and Business.
  • Cooperation in R&S between university departments and foreign partners (e.g. inviting a foreign scientist to FM with the objective to help initiate a new project or progress in solving an existing project or preparing a publication).
  • Short-term research fellowships (with a view to preparing an international project or increasing qualifications).

For each output (if it exists), it must be clearly stated that it has been supported from the funds of the Institutional Support for Long-Term Conceptual Development of FM at the Prague University of Economics and Business – project number IP 6000040.


Budget sums must be briefly substantiated and the main categories of expenditure explained (e.g. domestic travel, foreign travel, purchase of technical literature, etc.).

Submission of proposals

Anytime during the year – optimally until 30th April.

The completed and signed application must be submitted to the Department for Research and Development (Mgr. Míková, and also emailed in electronic format to

In the event that the funds are granted, the applicant will be responsible for the economic drawdown in accordance with the budget and rules (the funds are to be exhausted by 30th November according to the UE Bursars Directive). The principal of the operation is always the Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies. A concise final report must be produced for each supported proposal and submitted to the Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies by 15th January of the following year.