Publishing and Audiovisual Services

The publishing and audiovisual services at the Faculty of Management of the Prague University of Economics and Business are provided by the Information Technology Centre. All services of this nature are provided in Room No. 234.

Publishing services

  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Ring and thermal binding
  • Printing of textbooks
  • Service and maintenance of multifunctional equipment

Audiovisual services

  • Videotaping of lectures
  • Processing of video records
  • Copying of AV materials for teaching and faculty purposes

Other services

  • Registration and issue of student and staff identification chip cards
  • Sale of revalidation stamps for ISIC and ITIC cards


B/W printing on network printers
A4 one-sided print 1,40 Kč
A4 two-sided print (duplex) 2,80 Kč
A3 one-sided print 2,80 Kč
A3 two-sided print (duplex) 5,60 Kč
B/W printing at Information Technology Centre
A4 one-sided print 2,80 Kč
A4 two-sided print (duplex) 5,60 Kč
A3 one-sided print 5,60 Kč
A3 two-sided print (duplex) 11,20 Kč
Color printing both at the Information Technology Centre and on network printers
A4 one-sided print 5,60 Kč
A4 two-sided print (duplex) 11,20 Kč
A3 one-sided print 10,80 Kč
A3 two-sided print (duplex) 21,20 Kč
Documents binding
Ring binding 4 až 12 mm 20,00 Kč
Thermo binding 1 až 12 mm 20,00 Kč
Ring binding 15 až 50 mm 30,00 Kč
Thermo binding 15 až 50 mm 30,00 Kč
Lamination 20,00 Kč