Information Technology Centre

The Information Technology Centre was established by merging the Computer Technology Centre and the Editorial Department, i.e. the departments that deal with information technology and equipment.

The Information technology Centre is responsible for the management of the computer network of the Faculty of Management and all the related equipment and services as well as all services related to audiovisual technology, print and editorial services, and the like. The CIT scope of activity includes the Microsoft Active Directory, administration of the study information system, wireless network operation, website creation and administration including other web tools and applications, administration of technology related to teaching support (technological equipment in classrooms, study rooms and laboratories, including audiovisual technology – sound system installation, data projectors, etc.) and the administration and maintenance of multifunctional printing and copying equipment on the premises of the Faculty of Management.

If you encounter any problems while working on a computer network, if you are unable to log in, experience problems with your email box or wireless network, the first thing to do is to seek help on the technical support website. In the event you cannot find the information you were looking for or instructions on how to solve your problem, please contact the Information technology Centre either by e-mail at, personally at Office No. 306 or by phone – 384 417 115.

However, we would like to ask you to thoroughly study to the end all the information available on the help site, because the vast majority of the answers to the problems can be found there. Please contact us only if you cannot find the solution or you encounter a problem that has not been solved yet. We will be grateful for any comments on the content of the tutorial site; this will be helpful not only to us but also to you and to others. Thank you!

Do you have any comments regarding the work of the Information Technology Centre?

Are you dissatisfied with the work of the Information Technology Centre? Do you have any suggestions, complaint or compliments for us? Please email these directly to the Head of the ITC at


Name and position Room Phone E-Mail
Mgr. Štrobl David
Head of the Information Technology Centre
305 384 417 237
Bc. Kadlec Michal
IT and user support
306 384 417 115
Ing. Michl František
System integrator, InSIS administrator
304 384 417 275
Brus Zdeněk
Editorial and audiovisual services
234 384 417 231
Mgr. Urban Václav
Editorial and audiovisual services
234 384 417 201