College of Management, National Chung Hsing University Taiwan


Formerly known as College of Social Sciences and Management, in August 2011 the College was reorganized and renamed Into the College of Management (COM). For the impact of globalization on the future youth, our mission is to provide students with theoretical and practical studies. Recently, the College placed in a ranking of 2013 best business schools in Taiwan by one of the most influential college ranking publications, Global Views Monthly. Our remarkable performance In research and teaching ensures the sustainability and quality of the College.

COM offers four-year BBA program, two-year MBA programs, part-time two-year EMBA program and Ph.D. programs in various academic fields, including Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Sports and Health Management and Technology Management In 2017, because of the change of the academic structure, the Bachelor Program of Innovative Industry Management (BM; evening program) was included In the COM. Moreover, we have four research centers. Including Cornerstone Center for Academia-Industry Research, Center for Industrial Development Research, Center for Financial Risk Management, and Center for E-Commerce & Knowledge Economics Research, and four labs, Including Envisioning U-Commerce Lab. (EUCL), E-Commerce Lab, Simulated Trading Lab, and Marketing Lab.

Faculty Highlights

  • The student-focused culture of COM has resulted in the diversity of programs and courses that help students to be successful in their future career.
  • To support the mission of the university, faculty aims at Interdisciplinary research.
  • COM views Its role as a knowledge provider for the university stakeholders.
  • The connections with the industry have resulted in the Cornerstone Center, a collaborative unit of COM and a regional business association, and alumni of our EMBA program that is the assets of our NCHU community.
  • Ranked 4th for “2016 Best Business School’s Alumni In Taiwan”
  • Ranked 150—200th for’Accountlng and Finance Category, 2014 QS World University Rankings”(Ranked 7th among other universities in Taiwan)
  • Ranked 8* for”2014 Company’s Favorite Choice (Business School) In Taiwan”

International Study Program

By March of 2018, NCHU has established formal partnership with 293 Institutions In in Asia, America, Oceania, and Europe. NCHU has established a Chinese Language Program for students interested in learning Chinese language and culture. Thereare three program types, designed for different needs: Chinese Program, Business Mandarin Courses, and 1 on 1 Tutorial Program. The program offers elementary, intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced level courses. In the past few years, NCHU has designed several summer programs for international students from NCHU’s partner universities to delve into the cultural beauty ofTaiwan. These summer programs offer a series of Mandarin language and Chinese cultural courses, as well as field trips where students can learn about things such as martial arts, calligraphy, and architecture ofTaoist and Buddhist Temples.


Situated at the most crucial geographic location,Taichung Is the heart of central Taiwan that boasts vibrant tourism, abundant cultural resources, history, natural scenery, innovative Industries, recreational fadlitlesand of course diverse cultural showcas-esy events, delicacies, shopping centers and more.

Taichung has been praised as the best city to live In several times for its pleasantweather.Thanks to High Speed Rail, the living sphere mobility In Taiwan has been made possible within a day. Leaving for another city is no longer a dreadful thing to do A weekend getaway is sufficient for you to fully explore Taichung City, the massive garden rich in natural beauty and splendid tourism. The entire city Is just like a large-scale playground where sun always shines!