Support for the development of the study environment at the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics


The project focuses on the modernisation and supplementation of the space used for teaching, self-learning and teamwork of the students from the Faculty of Management of the University of Economics.

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of education at FM UE. The output of the project will be the acquisition of modern information technologies (SW and HW) and AVT equipment, special equipment for teaching the subject of marketing research, ensuring the availability of high-quality professional literature, as well as modern literature available on electronic media, and the creation of a learning environment that provides students with the opportunity for self-study and adequate conditions for the preparation of teaching and study. The aim of the project is to provide students with such quality educational infrastructure and training at universities that will increase their competitiveness in the labour market through high-quality education.

The presented project is another step toward the significant enhancement of the quality of education at the Faculty of Management of the University of Economics and has the potential to improve the teaching facilities and to complement modern teaching materials.

The implementation of this project is co-financed by the European Union.

Total eligible costs of the project 6 369 341.58 CZK (IV 1 713 090.92 CZK, NIV 4 656 250.66 CZK)

The commencement date of the project is 1st February 2018

The expected completion date of the project is 30th June 2019

Administration team

  • Ing. Jana Krbová, Ph.D. – project manager,, tel.: 384 417 217
  • Ing. Mgr. Miroslav Malec – financial manager,, tel.: 384 417 299

Expert team

  • Ing. Jiří Přibil, Ph.D. – responsible for retrofitting the library equipment, electronic information resources and educational software,, tel.: 384 417 204
  • Ing. Michal Novák, Ph.D. – responsible for acquiring mobile eye-tracking devices for teaching marketing courses,, tel.: 384 417 151
  • Mgr. David Štrobl – responsible for IT and AVT,, tel.: 384 417 237
  • Ing. Mgr. Miroslav Malec – responsible for retrofitting student zones and furniture library, tel.: 384 417 299