Bachelor’s Degree Study Programme

Terms for the academic year 2020/2021

The characteristics of the study field and graduate employment opportunities

Students are preparing to move into middle and higher level management positions in various types of companies and organizations. Graduates are expected to be able to coordinate activities and resources, to create the environment and the conditions for meeting the set goals of the organization, including the ability to set out such goals.

The key competences developed in the compulsory part of the course are related to the most important areas, the management of which usually forms the basis of the manager’s job description. This primarily includes the ability to manage yourself, to manage relationships, to manage organizations, to manage context and to manage changes.

Type of study programme

Name of study programme Standard length of the study programme Maximum number of students accepted Form of study
Bachelor Management 3 years 200 Full-time or combined*

*) In the combined form of study, the course takes place in the form of four workshops each semester, on Fridays, Saturdays, and if needed, also on Sundays.

I. Terms of admission

A legal condition for admission is the achievement of full secondary or full secondary vocational education. Students must comply with this condition by submitting certified copies of the Maturita examination certificate or (School-leaving certificate or Secondary education diploma) and the Statement or Protocol of the outcome of the state maturita examination (if it was issued as part of their maturita examination).

Graduates of schools abroad (except for the Slovak Republic) can apply for an evaluation of their foreign education through the app available at The previously required proof of general recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic (the so-called nostrification) is required only if the VŠE expresses doubts about the sufficient level, extent or content of the applicant’s previous foreign education supported by a foreign document. The deadline for submitting these documents will be issued to the applicant within the written notification of the results of the entrance examination, respectively within waiving the entrance examination.

a) Admission based on entrance exam

The admission exam consists of the following parts (in the form of written tests rated with the same maximum number of points):

  • Prerequisites for managerial decision making
    • This tests the mathematical knowledge and ability of numerical, logical and structural thinking including text comprehension etc.
    • You can find examples of assignments here (examples of mathematics tests from other faculties of the Prague University of Economics and Business, published on the university’s website, are not to be taken as the basis for this).
  • World language
    • The entrance exam is taken in one of the chosen world languages. Language options: English, German, Russian, French or Spanish.
    • Foreign nationals who have not passed their secondary school leaving or maturita exam in the Czech or Slovak Republic and instead submit a nostrification clause, do not need to take the entrance exam in the Czech language. However, the chosen world language must not be the official language of the country the applicant is a citizen of.
    • The requirements are the same as at most other faculties of the Prague University of Economics and Business. You can find examples of the assignments here.

b) Admission without taking an entrance exam

The entrance exam may be waived for applicants who have correctly submitted the application for admission to study and who requested the exemption from the examination in accordance with the conditions set out in the application form below and meet one of the following conditions:

  • The student documented that their average grade from mathematics and one of the world languages (English, German, Russian, French, Spanish) was up to 2.00, providing they have studied each of these subjects for at least three years at a Czech or Slovak secondary school – see Application requirements,
  • Their result of the test of general study prerequisites within the National Comparative Tests at Scio s.r.o. in the academic year 2019/2020 that the student is among the top 40% (i.e. a harmonized percentile of at least 60) – see More detailed information on the submission of results.
  • Passed an optional Maturita Exclusive Exam Mathematics+ with the result ranging from grade 1 to 3
  • sat the entrance exam for the academic year 2020/2021 in mathematics and a foreign language at one of the faculties of the Prague University of Economics and Business and the total number of points from these exams was at least 100 (the minimum component of 50 points for each of the tests are not specified); this condition only applies to the announcement of the second round of the admission procedure.

The Dean of the Faculty of Management may also individually decide to waive the entrance examination for candidates who have participated with excellent results at faculty-accepted professional competitions (SOČ Olympiads) or the so-called practice entrance exams organized by the Prague University of Economics and Business.

In the event that the number of applicants who meet the basic requirements for the waiver of the entrance exam exceeds the faculty capacity, admission will be based on the ranking compiled according to the achieved results. This order will be compiled for each of the above-stated conditions separately so that the ratio of the number of applicants with the entrance exam waived corresponds to the ratio of the number of applications supported by the fulfilment of the relevant condition.

Applicants who will not be admitted on the basis of full capacity or fail to meet the basic conditions for waiving the exam will be invited to take the entrance exam and the admission procedure will, in their case, take place in the standard form.

II. Invitations to sit the entrance exam

The invitation to sit the entrance exam will be sent by the faculty electronically to the e-mail provided in the application form of the applicants (including those who apply for a waiver of the entrance exam). A written invitation to sit the entrance exam will be also sent at a later date only to those applicants who will not be waived from taking the entrance exam.

III. Assessment of the entrance exam and decision on admission

The result of the entrance examination for both types of study programmes will be processed separately for each of the offered forms of study. Point thresholds may differ for different forms of study.

Admission of the student is decided based on the order of successful candidates compiled on the basis of the total point gain from the entrance exam; the results of both parts are summed up and the sub-thresholds are not set. According to this order, the number of applicants admitted will reflect the capacity of the faculty and the quotas of the Prague University of Economics and Business. In the event that admitted students will not take up their right to enrol in studies ((§ 51 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll.), other applicants who have submitted a request for a review of the decision due to full capacity reasons may be considered for admission instead.

IV. Second round of the admission procedure

If the capacity of the faculty will not be fulfilled after the completion of the enrolments to the bachelor study programme, the Dean of the Faculty will decide on the second round of the admission procedure. The exact terms of the second round of the admission procedure, if assigned, will be published on this website no later than the end of June 2020.

V. Application for study

Deadline for submitting bachelor study applications

  • 1st round of admission procedure: 22nd October 2019 – 30th April 2020
  • 2nd round of admission procedure: The date, if announced, will be published on this website no later than the end of June 2020.

Applications for study are to be submitted in electronic form at After the application is received, the applicant will receive an account number, a variable symbol and other payment instructions that he/she will use to pay the fee associated with the admission procedure no later than the next day (to the email address he/she entered in the application form). This fee can only be paid to the account specified in the payment instructions.

An applicant is considered to be registered once the prescribed fee is credited to the school’s dedicated bank account with the relevant variable symbol. If the amount credited will be lower, the applicant will not be registered. The applicant will be informed of the payment status and acceptance of the application via e-mail address as indicated, and can always check the status via the application tool for submission of registrations.

The admission fee is set at 810 CZK and is non-refundable under any circumstances.

VI. Dates of entrance exams

A regular date of the entrance exam for the bachelor study programme is set for 8th June 2020 – specific information will be announced to the applicant in the invitation for the entrance exam.

The replacement date of the admission procedure is set for 11th June 2020 – solely based on the application form submitted no later than on the regular day of the entrance exam.

The enrolment for study is set for 18th June 2020. The study enrolment will also be accepted by correspondence or by another person granted power of attorney.

VII. Open days

Open Days are designated for those interested in the study and will take place on 29th January and 4th April 2020 – detailed information will be published on the website of the Faculty of Management of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

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