Doctoral studies

The basic objective of the proposed programme is to educate young scientists in the prerequisites for the development of management, focusing mainly on quantitative decision support. Managers‘ decisions in organizations operating in both the private and public sector cover a wide range of technical, economic, personal and social processes (of an operational and strategic nature). In all these areas, quality depends critically on the quality of the available information
on the possibilities of operationalisation and processing into a form that increases the quality of the decision-making process.

The Faculty of Management has placed its main emphasis on R&D, and the fulfilment of all the requirements. The ÚTIA educates young scientists in such a field-based way, and in particular, it focusses on issue-based management decision making, backed by the modern knowledge of operational management. The aim is to provide the future managers of organizations, operating in both the private and public sector, with the latest scientific knowledge and expertise, as well as the skills needed to solve specific problems, and to handle organizational management in the global economic environment. Furthermore, to provide future researchers, in the field of management, with the appropriate skills at a level that facilitates the achievement of new results in the scientific field.
Doctoral programme graduates will be equipped to deepen and develop the scientific knowledge of management, as well as to creatively apply the new knowledge in practice. Graduates will find gainful employment in the following in particular:

  • The university departments and scientific research institutions, focused on management and related matters (marketing, management issues, etc.);
  • Ministries and other governing bodies engaged in state administration;
  • Top management positions in private and public organizations.

Modes of study

  1. On-site mode - students attend the consultations and workshops, take part in research work and teaching activities and perform other duties according to the Study and Examination Regulations and Standard for Ph.D. students
  2. Distance/combined mode - students are expected to work on their own to a large extent, therefore they do not attend the lectures or seminars daily, only meet their tutors for consultations and to sit the exams.


The deadline for applications including all obligatory enclosures and other required documents: May 15, 2018The online application form will be accessible from April 1, 2018.

In order to sit the entrance exams it is necessary to fill in and send an application. Applications are to be submitted in electronic form with an appendix together with all the necessary enclosures in written form. The appendix can be downloaded here: Appendix to Application Form for Doctoral Study

An application fee is charged for applying. The amount of the fee is changed every year – for academic year 2018/19 it is 50 €. You will receive all the necessary information (account number and variable symbol needed for the payment) concerning the payment to your email address after submitting your application.  The admission fee is to be remitted by postal order or bank transfer only. The applicant assumes full responsibility for paying all bank charges associated with the payment. The admission fee is not refunded in the event of the applicant not sitting the exams. The admission fee is also not refunded if recognition of diploma is rejected. If all the requested papers are provided in order, and in good time, and the admission fee is paid, the applicant will receive a letter of invitation to come to sit the exams. The entrance examinations take place at the end of June or on an alternative (2nd) date in September, respectively.

Procedural and technical issues are administered by study coordinator for doctoral study: Mgr. Irena Míková, e-mail: Further inquiries on doctoral programmes should be directed to doc. Ing. Tomáš Kincl, Ph.D., the Vice dean for Science, Research and Doctoral Study, e-mail: Students can also receive more information about doctoral studies at the Office for Science and Research: Mgr. Sabina Zukalová, e-mail:

Admission Process &Entrance Exams

The admission procedure begins upon receipt of the application for admission to study submitted by an applicant in electronic form. Appendix to the Application Form is submitted together with an enclosure in written form. The enclosure consists of the following documents:

  1. a short curriculum vitae
  2. a document certifying the level of the applicant’s academic attainment or a certified copy of a diploma and diploma supplement. Applicants whose previous studies were undertaken abroad need diploma recognition that must be submitted by the date of the release of the admission decision. Admission to a doctoral study programme is conditional upon the proper completion of studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s study programme. If you have completed your education abroad, both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree have to be recognized in the Czech Republic. More information about this process can be found at Recognition of Higher Education and Qualifications Acquired Abroad web page. As this process can be quite time-consuming, it is advised to begin as soon as possible.
  3. list of publications with a short annotation and, possibly, an expert’s reference attached
  4. A research project proposal (4-6 A4 pages) and a list of literature studied related to the issue. The applicant must indicate the supervisor’s name in the application form.

All applicants must pass English entrance exam. Students who have been granted scholarship by the Czech government and foreigners intending to study in the Czech programme must also pass the Czech entrance exam, in addition to the English exam (does not apply for Slovak applicants). Exemptions in the choice of language examination in the entrance procedure are authorised by the dean of the faculty who can give permission on the grounds of a written request. Above mentioned documents are to be sent to study coordinator for doctoral study at the chosen faculty.

Admission to the doctoral study programme depends on successfully applying and passing the entrance examination. You can be enrolled in a study programme after receiving a confirmation of admission to studies. Enrolment usually takes place at the end of September.

Enrolment and tuition fees

Doctoral study programmes held in the English language are charged 5 000 € per year. More information can be found in document Tuition Fee. Doctoral study programmes held in the Czech language are free of charge, however, you have to be able to study and sit the exams in Czech.