Department of science and research

The scientific-research activities of the employees of the Faculty of Management are particularly specialized in the development and application of those disciplines regarding managerial activities and in particular managerial decision-making. Our studies deal with various formal (mathematic) methods and projection models, but also with generating strategies for decision making in assorted levels of the managerial process. In the areas of information sciences and artificial intelligence, research is aimed at solving topical problems arising from the connection of mass exploitation of computer technology. We need to keep in mind here, above all, solving special problems related to the gaining of knowledge from data and the assessment of the relevancy of knowledge, such as choosing the most informative attributes for decision-making. From the realm of mathematical statistics, it deals with methods of analysing chronological ranking, and subsequently methods for judging points in broken chronological time series. From the field of mathematical statistics, we deal with methods of analysing chronological order, and from the field of discrete mathematics; for example, we deal with development of the questions overlaying acyclic diagraphs of roads of different types. The ones that apply to solving real problems from the field of theory systems in public transport, where our experimental activities are concentrated on solving the questions dealing with the methodologist financing, use of a heterogeneous car park and interactive management. In the sphere of socioeconomic disciplines, research is focused on problems connected with the conduct of economic entities in conditions of administration of commodities through public utilities or in the commercial base and operating chosen proprietary structures. In the field of macroeconomics, an original universal model of systematic financial crises was formulated, and in the scope of this, it was warned the meaning of the debt crises was among the causes of the financial crises. In the field of the tax system, a scientific analysis of the impact of interactive retirement taxation on businesses and measuring the imposed costs of the tax system was developed.

Scientific activities