Department of Computers and Network Maintenance

The IT Department is responsible for maintaining the computer networks of the Faculty of Management and all technical and issues and services this entails. Among the activities the department provides are the Active Directory network, maintaining the student information system, operating the wireless network, creating and administering the Internet pages of the faculty and other Internet applications such as the web-mirroring of the departmental drive KloKan and the e-learning system Moodle.

If you should run into a problem while working on the computer network, you are not able to log in, you have problems with your email or the wireless network, first try looking at the help pages. If you are not able to find instructions or information which helps you solve the problem on these pages, please contact the IT Department either by email at or in person at office number 306 or by telephone at 384 417 201.

Have you got some feedback for the IT Department?

If you are not satisfied with the work of the IT Department, or have a complaint to make or something to praise, please write directly to the heads of the IT Department at