Jindrichuv Hradec

Basic Information about Jindrichuv Hradec

Jindrichuv Hradec is a peaceful South Bohemian city. It is located in a countryside that gradually turns from the ponds of the Trebonska panev into the hilly horizons of the Kremesnicka vrchovina. It is a gateway to the Czech Canada. This protected natural area got its name from the character of the local landscape, which is full of deep forests and numerous bodies of water, and also due to its rather harsh climate. Jindrichuv Hradec is located near the Austrian border, approximately 50 km north-east from Ceske Budejovice – capital of the region. The city has a regular train and bus connection with Prague which is 160 km far from Jindrichuv Hradec. It has approximately 22,700 inhabitants.

Location of Jindrichuv Hradec

Jindrichuv Hradec is a popular destination for tourists visiting the beauty spots of the South Bohemia. It is the city with numerous cultural and historical monuments and one of the largest castle and chateau complexes in the Czech Republic. In the centre of the city, which still retains the pleasant whiff of a royal atmosphere, visitors can find many romantic spots among the winding streets of richly decorated merchants’ houses with colourful facades. They can see the Baroque statue of the Holy Trinity and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, whose corner is located right on the 15th meridian east, or they can stop at the Jindrichuv Hradec Museum, which has the largest mechanical nativity scene in the world.

Jindrichuv Hradec is not only a city of unique historical monuments but also city offering many business opportunities. It is homes of famous Czech liqueur company Fruko – Schulz, big sawmill Kasalova pila and very popular local railways company which operates the narrow gauge railway lines from Jindrichuv Hradec to Nova Bystrice and Obratan. It is also city with rich cultural life, consists of various local cultural events, regional and national music festivals and traditional festivities, and a range of possibilities for student life.

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Getting from Prague International Airport to Jindrichuv Hradec

Prague International Airport (Vaclav Havel Airport Prague) is about 17 km (10.5 miles) far from city centre. Unfortunately, there is no direct speed train connection to the centre. Visitors can use two ordinary bus lines (nr. 119, 100) or the Airport Express line. Bus stops are located in front of the departure / arrival hall.

Prague Integrated Transportation - Map

The best way how to get to Prague main bus terminal is to use bus line 100 which goes to terminal subway station Zlicin (metro line B). This line connects modern surroundings with a central part of Prague. This line is a part of the Prague Integral Transport System. Visitors can purchase a ticket using a ticket machine at the bus stop or from bus driver. The ticket machine doesn’t accept credit card and notes. The most suitable ticket for travelling around Prague costs 32 CZK. It is valid for 90 minutes and it is interchangeable (valid for bus, tram, and metro). Earmark the ticket immediately after entry to the bus in yellow machine near a door.

The Florenc bus terminal is the most modern, centrally located bus terminal in Prague. Direct bus lines to Jindrichuv Hradec regularly depart from platform 23, or 19, 25. The exact ticket price depends on selected bus company; ticket costs approximately 130 CZK. It is not necessary to buy ticket in advance. You can buy ticket from the driver on “first-come first-served” basis. Bus connection’s frequency is circa 6 times a day. The journey is direct without any change and takes approximately 2 and half hour.

For more information visit http://florenc.cz/index.php?lan=en

The best way how to get to Prague main train station is to use the Airport Express line. The Airport Express Line is a service of the Czech Railways which should compensate missing train connection. It looks like ordinary bus but there is space for luggage and this bus goes directly to main train station (Wilsonovo Station) near city centre. This kind of transport is not a part of the Prague Integral Transport System, so do not purchase a ticket using a ticket machine – pay directly to bus driver. One way journey costs 60 CZK.

Prague main railway station is the largest and most important railway station in Prague. The train is more expensive kind of transportation; the journey from Prague is approximately 220 CZK. It is not necessary to buy ticket in advance. You can buy ticket at the cash desk. Ticket price is the same for all times in a day. Jindrichuv Hradec is operated only by the Czech Railways Company with 12 times a day frequency. You must take a train which goes to Ceske Budejovice (track 220) and change the train in Veseli nad Luznici train station (2 hours’ drive from Prague; track 225). The journey takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Railroad map

For more information about schedules of public transport in the Czech Republic visit the IDOS web site. The site is available in various languages (CZ, ENG, DE).


Transport System in Jindrichuv Hradec

Jindrichuv Hradec has regular bus and train connections to all major cities in the South Bohemian Region and its surroundings (e.g. New Bystrice Dacice, Telc, Jihlava, Pelhrimov, Tabor, Veseli nad Luznici, Trebon, Ceske Budejovice). It also has regular direct connection to two largest Czech cities – Prague and Brno. The bus station and train station are in close proximity.

Railway and Bus Stations in Jindrichuv Hradec

You can find the full map here.

For schedules to desired destination visit the link http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/vlakyautobusymhdvse/spojeni/

Five lines of public transport system (MHD) operate in Jindrichuv Hradec. Ticket can be bought directly from the bus driver and costs 10 CZK. Routes and bus stops can be viewed on the interactive map: http://mapy.jh.cz/

Main Tourist Attractions in Jindrichuv Hradec

Jindrichuv Hradec is excellent tourism destination with a number of cultural and historical monuments. You can find the most famous ones in the following map.

Tourist Attraction

Castle Jindrichuv Hradec (1)

Caste in Jindrichuv Hradec is a national monument and one of the largest historical complexes in the Czech Republic. Do not miss the opportunity to visit its large object. Students, who present a valid ISIC card, have a discounted entry; cost of tour is around 50 CZK. There is a possibility to have tour in foreign language and students have it for a discount price 100 CZK. The castle is open to public from April 1 to October 31.

For more information visit the web sites http://www.zamek-jindrichuvhradec.eu/en/

Main Square (Namesti Miru) (2)

It offers a unique spectacle of historic buildings. The Holy Trinity sculpture dominates the central part of the square. There is also famous Langer’s house, seat of the Gallery of Inspiration, and the old town hall building.

Church of St. John the Baptist (Kostel sv. Jana Krtitele) (3)

It is located near the Vajgar Lake. The part of the church is the Monastery, which serves as an exhibition space. The best way how to explore the church is a night guided tour that takes you through these two buildings. The price is 80 CZK. Tours are held irregularly, you can find the schedule on bulletin boards at the school library.

The Vajgar Lake (4)

The lake virtually divides the city into two parts. It is very popular relax area just in the heart of the city. You can rent a boat and go for a ride on the lake, perhaps to an island in the middle.

Regional Museum (Museum Jindrichohradecka) (5)

The main attraction of the museum is the Krýza Nativity Scene, which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest mechanical nativity scene in the world. The museum is open from April 1 to January 6 every day except Mondays. Admission fee for students with a valid ISIC card is 40 CZK. There is an extra charge for tour in foreign language.

For more information visit the web sites http://www.mjh.cz/en

National Museum of Photography (6)

The Museum focuses on creating collections of historical and above all contemporary photographs and collections of photographic techniques. The museum is open from April until December. The students’ price is reduced to 50 CZK. In addition to the exhibition, there is also the option to enrol in a photography course or to have your photo taken in the Museum photo studio wearing hired historical costumes in front of hand-painted historical background (this service is available only in selected dates).

For more information visit the web sites http://www.mfmom.cz/en/

House of Tapestry (7)

The House builds on more than one hundred years of existence of tapestry workshop in Jindrichuv Hradec. There are permanent exhibitions dedicated to traditional technology of hand weaving. The House is open from April to December every day except Monday. If you are interested, you can also participate in a course of textile crafts.

For more information visit the web sites http://www.dumgobelinu.cz

Sports Facilities

If you’re a sporty type, you will appreciate a wide range of sports facilities in Jindrichuv Hradec. Although the university sport club (USK) offers a wide range of sport activities during the week, you can choose from our overview any additional activity according to your interest and time preferences. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact faculty your Buddy.

Sports Facilities

Swimming Pool (1)

There is a quite new indoor swimming pool in Jindrichuv Hradec. As the USK member you can swim there for free on Wednesdays from 18:00 till 20:00. If you are interested in swimming out of this time, you must pay regular admission fee which starts at 90 CZK per one hour.

Athletic Stadium (2)

There is also an athletic stadium in Jindrichuv Hradec. It is fully-equipped stadium with oval jogging track. If you would like to sport there, ask your Buddy and make a reservation together. The price is 40 CZK / hour, including changing rooms and showers.

Sports Hall (3)

City sports hall offers enough space and equipment for basketball, volleyball, hockey, and handball. The university sport club organizes regular sport activities in here. If you would like to see some match, ask your Buddy for its schedule.

Ice Rink (4)

The skating rink is open for public from September to March. The attendance fee is 30 CZK / hour. Unfortunately, the ice skate cannot be borrowed here, so you must have your own.

Tennis Court (5)

If you are fan of tennis, Jindrichuv Hradec offers indoor tennis court for you. The price is around 350 CZK / hour. It is open all week from 7:00 – 24:00. However, you must have your own equipment.

Fitness Centres

The USK members have free access to the fitness centre at the faculty which is open nearly 24 hours a day. We recommend you to take this opportunity. If you would like to torture your body outside of the faculty, there are three sport centres nearby.

Sport Centre EDEN (Fitko EDEN) (6)

The centre offers various sports such as kickbox, step aerobics, Pilates, BOSU, power yoga, zumba, spinning. It offers students’ discount price which is about 75 CZK for one sport activity.

Spinning and Alpinning Centre (Cyklosport Hajek) (7)

The centre offers spinning and alpinning activities. The price of the lesson is around 90 CZK.

Fit Centrum Energy (8)

It is 500 m2 classic fitness centre located in 5 minutes distance from the faculty. It offers large cardio zone equipped with treadmill, exercise bikes, steppers and rowing machine, and wide range of fitness machines.

Discgolf (9)

New discgolf playing area was built in the City Park “Mertovy sady” near city centre in 2013. You can find there the 9-hole area located in wooden hill on the left bank of the Nezarka River. You have quite unique opportunity to try this modern flying disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target.

Running Tracks

Jindrichuv Hradec is a great place for all runners. There are dozens of running tracks around the city; each is suitable for different kind of running. Just put on your shoes and try them according to your preferences. We are pretty sure; you will find many beautiful tracks during a short time. If you follow the tourist signs, you will have a chance to see many interesting places in the city surroundings.

Cultural Events

Jindrichuv Hradec offers many cultural events for inhabitants and visitor during all the year. There are two community centres, cinema, theatre, and many local cultural centres.

Community Centre Strelnice (KD Strelnice)

You can find the cinema and theatre in this community centre. The city cinema operates from Wednesday to Sunday; ticket fee varies from 90 to 150 CZK. Some movies are played in the original language with subtitles.

Community Centre Jitka (KC Jitka)

This Community and Cultural Centre, which is located in Hradec’s neighbourhood named Otin, offers a variety of concerts, balls, discos and other social events. It is very popular for young generation.

Cultural Highlights

We have prepared selection of the most important cultural events from the beginning of September till the end of the year.


  • The Beer Festival
  • The European Heritage Days (free entry to monuments)
  • The evening ramble through mystique Jindrichuv Hradec


  • The Students Theatre Festival
  • The evening ramble through mystique Jindrichuv Hradec
  • The Chalupa Cup (rowing regatta)
  • Jindrichuv Hradec´s pedal (ending of the cycling season)


  • The large event of flying kites


  • The Saint Nicolas Aquatlon Race (combination of swimming and running)
  • Advent markets on the main square
  • The Advent concerts
  • The lighting of the Christmas tree at the main square
  • The lighting of the Bethlehem light

The Jindrichuv Hradec Region and its Surroundings

Jindrichuv Hradec is located in a lovely countryside of the eastern part of the South Bohemian Region. The countryside is typical for the ponds of the Trebonska panev, deep forests of the Ceska Kanada protected area, and the hilly horizons of the Kremesnicka vrchovina. If you are a fan of walking trips or cycling, do not hesitate to explore the beautiful nature of the Jindrichuv Hradec Region.

JH Region

There are also many attractive tourist destinations in the Region and its near surroundings. We can recommend you the most attractive ones:

  • Cervena Lhota Castle (17 km) – one of the most famous and romantic Czech castles, located at the middle of the lake on a rocky island
  • Trebon (24 km) – beautiful historical town famous for its castle and city spa resort, surrounded by well-preserved nature with dozens of ponds
  • Landstejn Castle (28 km) – very well-preserved structure of the castle which was built in the early 13th century
  • Slavonice (37 km) – historical town famous for its traditional medieval renaissance city centre with Sgraffito covered buildings
  • Dacice (37 km) – town with small chateau complex, notable as the home of the sugar cube, which was invented there in 1843
  • Telc (41 km) – town with 17th century Renaissance chateau and unique complex of well-conserved Renaissance and Baroque houses preserved by UNESCO
  • Pelhrimov (42 km) – town known as “the Gateway to the Highlands“, home of very popular Museum of Records and Curiosities
  • Tabor (45 km) – old medieval town built around the lake Jordan which is the oldest reservoir of its kind in Central Europe
    • more information: http://www.taborcz.eu/EN/
    • transport: bus (Jindrichuv Hradec – Tabor), train (Jindrichuv Hradec – Veseli nad Luznici – Tabor)
  • Jihlava (60 km) – the oldest mining town in the Czech Republic, nowadays centre of the Vysocina Region (The Highlands)
  • Trebic (76 km) – old historical town with very famous Jewish Quarter and the largely Romanesque St Procopius’ Basilica listed in UNESCO World Heritage List

Tourist Destinations