Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I be nominated and apply for exchange study program at the Faculty of Management?Exchange students are nominated by the coordinators of their home universities via our information system InSIS. Once they are processed in our system they receive an email with their log in to InSIS and are asked to fill in their personal data.

    The Faculty of Management offers courses taught in English for international students. All courses are credit-based and focused on various topics of management and marketing. The exchange program is realized only during the winter term (September – December). List of courses.

    If you are interested in studying at the Faculty of Management do not hesitate to contact our International Exchange Coordinator via e-mail: She will provide you all necessary information and guide you during the application process. More information about nomination and application procedure

  2. Can I take courses which I want?

    Yes, you can. Students can freely choose any courses according their interest and study needs. The registration of courses at the University of Economics, Prague, has to be effected through the university information system InSIS. More information about course registration.

  3. Are there any language requirements or certificate for the Exchange Program?

    No, there are no language requirements. We trust our partner universities in nominating students with adequate language knowledge (B2 level recommended).

  4. Where is the Faculty of Management?

    The Faculty of Management is located in lovely town Jindřichův Hradec in the South Bohemia Region. Jindřichův Hradec is about 160 km far from Prague. There is convenient regular public transport connection between Prague and Jindřichův Hradec; the ride takes about 2.5 hour. More information about Jindřichův Hradec.

  5. How many students are at the faculty?

    The Faculty of Management has about 1200 students studying as full-time students or as combined students. The majority of students are Czech or Slovak; there are also some students from Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. All students can speak English, so there are no barriers in communication.

    The faculty usually hosts relatively small group of international students from various Euro-Asia countries. Limited number of international students let the faculty to carry on them on individual basis with respect to their specific study needs. References and galleries from previous courses.

  6. Where am I going to stay?

    All international students can stay at the dormitory. Dormitory campus is located within 10 minutes walking distance of the faculty building. More information about dormitories.

  7. Where can I go for a meal?

    Students can use the canteen which is located in the area of the dormitory. The canteen offers complete lunch menu for reduced price. Students are allowed to order two meals a day. Students can also use a buffet which is located directly at the faculty building. They can buy there quick snack, simple warm meals or soft drinks. More information about students’ canteen and buffet.

    There are many restaurants in the town center where you can order Chinese, Indian, Italian, Arab or traditional Czech meals. Here are some tips.

  8. How can I spend my free time?

    The Faculty of Management offers to its students and employees participation in many cultural events during the academic year. Here are some tips.

    There is also University Sport Club which provides students around 20 sport activities a week. The membership fee is only 500 CZK a year. More information about University Sport Club.

    You can also use various sport facilities located in Jindřichův Hradec as e.g. swimming pool, athletic stadium, fitness centers and so on. Here are some tips.

  9. How does system of public transport work?

    Five lines of public transport system (MHD) operate in Jindrichuv Hradec. Ticket can be bought directly from the bus driver and costs 10 CZK. Nevertheless, there is almost no need to use public transport because of low distance between all main spots.

  10. Who can I contact for more information about student exchange program at the Faculty of Management?

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our International Exchange Coordinator.