The Faculty of Management

Basic Information about the Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management is the youngest faculty of the University of Economics, Prague (UEP). The UEP is the biggest public university of economics in the Czech Republic. The university is highly appraised both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The university has been certified with the “ECTS label” and “DS Label” by the European Commission. It is also ranked by the Financial Times annually and has already been appraised by the Eduniversal Ranking project as one of the best “business schools” in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Faculty of Management is the only faculty of the UEP located outside of the capital. It offers education in the fields of Economics and Management for nearly 1500 students. High-skilled professionals from various spheres of management and new flexible modular study programme enables students to adapt on the labour market needs in a much larger way. That is why the graduates are appraised for their knowledge and skills and their employment rate is one of the highest in the Czech Republic.

The Faculty of Management

Students at the Bachelor level are trained for middle and higher management positions in various types of organizations. Graduates are expected to be able to coordinate their activities, creating an environment conducive to the fulfilment of organization’s objectives, including the ability to define such objectives. The crucial competencies of the studies pertain to the most important areas that form the basic scope of employment for a manager. They include in particular the ability to manage relationships, manage organizations and manage change.

Study in the continuing master`s study programme deepens ones knowledge in the fields of management, economy and related disciplines gained in the bachelor studies, and in contrast to the bachelor programme, the master`s programme is characterized by its higher-level focus on science and research. The students are prepared for positions in top management in organizations and expert advisory services in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. The study programme is more demanding on the ability to coordinate ones activities with more complex objects of management and on conceptual and strategic thinking.

Doctoral level studies are designed for graduates following a master`s study programme who are interested in continuing in their pedagogic and scientific development at FM. The doctoral programme is carried out by the in cooperation with the Institute of Information Theory and Automation in the Czech Republic.

Among the main advantages of the Faculty of Management are primarily:

  1. The environment of the largest and oldest Czech economic-managerial university
  2. A high rate of employment among graduates
  3. New library and information centre and modernized residence hall
  4. Feel at home in the friendly atmosphere of Jindrichuv Hradec with rich cultural and social activities

The campus consists of fully renovated five-floor main building, the Library and Information Centre, and the area of Dormitory. You can find the ground plans here.

Study System

New academic year starts at the beginning of September. It is divided into the winter and summer semesters (terms). The academic year’s schedule specifies the teaching and examination periods, the period of enrolment into the courses for particular semester, and the vacation period. The teaching period lasts 13 weeks; the examination period lasts 6 weeks.

The assessment methods and criteria are always specified in the course’s syllabus. At the beginning of the first lecture the lecturers usually present students the basic organizational rules including the assessment method. The criteria usually consist of:

  • Active lecture/seminar/workshop/tutorial participation
  • Term paper
  • Mid-term test(s)
  • Final test

The Faculty of Management uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) as a standard for comparing the study attainment and performance of students. The assessment is based on student’s overall score:

  • 1 – Excellent (90 – 100%)
  • 2 – Very good (75 – 89%)
  • 3 – Good (60 – 74%)
  • 4 – Insufficient (0 – 59%)

Study and examination rules are summarized in the document available at this web page.

Departments and Facilities

Take a virtual tour through selected parts of the building!

The Library and Information Centre

The Library and Information Centre is located in completely new part of the campus (see the ground plan).

The Centre carries out two main functions:

  • It is a library – students can borrow the books home;
  • It is a study room – students can study on place (using the books, journals, electronic resources, etc.)

Opening hours

Regular opening hours Extended opening hours
Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 17:00 17:00 – 20:00
Friday 8:30 – 14:40

During the extended opening hours it is possible to enter the study rooms. However, it is not allowed to borrow books to be used outside the library.

You will need a university ID card to visit the Library or the Student room. Before you enter the Library and Study room you need to leave your bags and coats in the lockers provided. Drinking (except for pure water in sealable bottle), eating and the use of cell phones are not permitted.

The books can be looked for in the Repertory Catalogue, available through this link:

You can view the website in English using the icon in the right upper corner. All the information needed for using the catalogue is described in details at the Help part of the catalogue (right upper corner).

To use any of the copiers or printers in our faculty you need to use your ID card.

Guidelines, regulation and rules regarding the library are available on this website:

Information Technology Centre

This specific field of student’s life might be sometimes confusing since not everyone deals with IT well. The Information Technology Centre will be providing you with vast user support for your whole stay at the Faculty of Management. You can contact us anytime at or visit our user support technicians in room no. 306 (see the ground plan).

On the beginning of your study you will be provided with username and password. You will be using these credentials for every system for your whole stay at the Faculty of Management.

Information system

All of the student’s agenda is being handled through the Integrated Study Information System (called InSIS). This system, available on, covers everything that’s somehow linked with the study itself. You can enroll in study courses or exams, read through the courses syllabuses, download study-related files from your lecturers. Some lecturers even use this system for electronic exams.

The InSIS is being managed by the Study Department. If you can’t find anything or if you feel that there is something wrong with your information agenda, you can contact either members of the Study Department in the room 335 (see the ground plan) or Frantisek Michl, a member of the Information Technology Centre in the room 304 (see the ground plan), who will help you with your problem.

Wireless Network – eduroam

The whole area of the Faculty of Management is covered by the wireless network signal. Several years ago, we enrolled the eduroam project. Main idea of this project is to create a borderless Wi-Fi network that will allow you to use it at every place where it’s available. If your home university has also joined this network, there is a fair chance you will connect automatically without any need of setting up your device (laptop, smartphone or tablet). If not, you can set up your device and log in with the credentials provided at the beginning of your study. Setting up this network is not complicated at all. You can do it by yourself or you can contact the Information Technology Centre.

For more information visit


For the time of your study visit you will be provided with personal e-mail account. The e-mail address is in the form Many lecturers require students to contact them using this address and not their personal one. The University of Economics uses the Microsoft’s Office365 as an intranet. There is a web Outlook e-mail client as a part of the Office365 suite. You will get a mailbox with 50GB capacity and your e-mail address will be fully-integrated into the university user-lists. The Office365 suite (Outlook respectively) is available at

Multifunctional ID cards

For the time of your stay on our faculty you will also get a multifunctional ID card which works as an electronic identifier. This card also allows you to borrow books from our library, use printers and photocopying machines and to use our automatic locker-room. You can even use it when going to our Canteen. So, you will need to charge some money into your virtual account via two reverse ATMs which are located near the main entrance (just behind the reception desk). All you need to do is to authorize yourself with your multifunctional ID card and then just put the money in. Everything works on-the-fly, so you can use the stored money immediately.

Dormitory and Students Canteen

The Dormitory and Students Canteen are situated in the centre of Jindrichuv Hradec within 10 minutes distance from the Faculty of Management. Students can choose double-bed, triple-bed or four-bed room. Students are assigned to stay in the room with a person of the same sex, unless they have an explicit wish to stay with somebody of the opposite sex.

The rooms are fully furnished. They are equipped with beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes, lockers and small refrigerator. Two rooms share the bathroom (shower, toilet, sink). Blankets, pillows, and bed linens are provided to students for free (students can request clean bed linens twice a month). The Wi-Fi internet connection is available in every room free of charge. There are multiple kitchens equipped with electric stove and microwave oven, and study lounges on every floor. Students can also use washing machine, sauna and small gym for a small fee. The 24-hour security service is provided. Student is obliged to show his / her identification card upon entering the dormitory.

Rooms and Rates

The room rate depends on room type and its occupancy. In the case of not fully occupied room, the standard rate will be increased. Let’s say the triple-bed room with shared bathroom will be occupied by two students (-1 bed). The standard rate 2250 CZK will be increased to 2311 CZK. If this room will be occupied only by one student (-2 beds), the rate will be increased to 2615 CZK. You can see the actual price list in the following table.

Room Type (capacity) Price  / student /month
Beds Bathroom Fully occupied room -1 bed -2 beds -3 beds
1 Shared bathroom – at corridor (2) 2037 CZK - - -
2 Shared bathroom – between two rooms (3) 2311 CZK 2615 CZK - -
2 Shared bathroom – at corridor (1) 1976 CZK 2037 CZK - -
3 Shared bathroom – at corridor (1) 1916 CZK 1976 CZK 2037 CZK -
3 Shared bathroom – between two rooms (47) 2250 CZK 2311 CZK 2615 CZK -
3 En-suite bathroom (3) 2463 CZK 2676 CZK 2767 CZK -
4 Shared bathroom – between two rooms (14) 2128 CZK 2250 CZK 2311 CZK 2615 CZK
4 En-suite bathroom (21) 2341 CZK 2463 CZK 2676 CZK 2767 CZK

Students Canteen

Students can use the canteen which is located in the area of the dormitory. The canteen offers complete lunch menu for reduced price. Students are allowed to order two meals a day. They can take the meal away. It is necessary to order the meal at least one day in advance. It can be ordered via an on-line application or directly in the canteen by using the information system.