Master’s studies

Contitions valid for academic year 2017/2018

Characteristics of the branch and employment possibilities for graduates

Study in the continuing master`s study programme deepens ones knowledge in the fields of management, economy and related disciplines gained in the bachelor studies, and in contrast to the bachelor programme, the master`s programme is characterized by its higher-level focus on science and research. The students of this branch are prepared for positions in top management in organizations and expert advisory services in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. The study programme is more demanding on the ability to coordinate ones activities with more complex objects of management and on conceptual and strategic thinking. The existing information of the faculty and feedback form the graduates confirms that the graduates of the faculty are integrated into the labour market without problem.

Type of study program Name of study program Subject field Standard length of study Maximum number of students accepted * Form of study
Continuing Master’s Degree Economics and Management Management 2 years 250 Full-time, combined*

*) In the combined form of study, classes are in the form of workshops, usually held 4 times a semester on Friday afternoons and Saturdays

Conditions of acceptance

• The legal condition for acceptance is the successful completion of a bachelor study programme. Graduates of schools abroad have to prove formal education in accordance with law number 111/1998 Coll. Certificate – the proof of recognition of foreign higher education and training. In view of the term of the admission test, applicants who have still have not duly completed their bachelor study program, may take part in the entrance exams. In this case, however, they must document successful completion of their studies by 10. 9. 2017 at the latest. Without this document it is not possible to send the decision regarding your acceptance status. A further condition for enrolment in the Master`s study programme is the successful completion of the entrance exams, which consist of the following parts (a written test evaluated with the same number of maximum points):

Conditions for waiving the entrance exams are set by the Dean on the basis of the capacity possibilities for the respective academic year, based on individual applications.

Evaluation of the entrance exams and ruling on acceptance

Results of the entrance exams will be processed separately for each of the offered study programmes.

It is necessary to gain a minimum number of points to successfully pass the entrance exams, and will be rated in such a way as to those who are not successful will be a maximum of 20% of all applicants who sat the entrance exam. On acceptance of the decision, the order of successful candidates is drawn up on the basis of the total points of the entrance exams. According to this way of compiling a sequence of applicants, the number of successful applicants will correspond to the capacity of the faculty. In the case that the right to enrol in studies (§ 51 law number 111/1998 Sb.) is not used by all students who were accepted, their places could be relinquished and offered to applicants who submit an application for review of the decision of non-acceptance.

Applying to study

The period for submitting applications for master`s studies is from 1. 11. 2016 to 30. 4. 2017.

Applications to study can be found in electronic form at
After sending the application (at the electronic address the applicant has provided), the applicant will receive the account number and variable symbol and further instructions for payment that can be used for payment fees associated with the entrance exams. If the applicant is not able to submit an application electronically, they will receive an extraordinary application from the faculty in paper form on the specified form, SVET, for which the entire fee in this case shall be sent to the account, with the variable symbol the applicants will be provided with by the faculty (to the electric address and is special circumstances to the postal address the applicant has provided).

The fee is 580,-Kč and it is possible to pay in full at the account listed in the payment instructions.

Applicants are regarded as registered when payment with the correct variable symbol is received in full on the faculty`s account. If the amount paid is lower than the amount specified in the instructions, the applicant will not be registered. The applicant will be informed of their state of payment and acceptance application at the electronic contact address provided by the applicant (email), and if need be can place an appeal in the form for handing in the application.

Dates of Entrance Exams

The date of the entrance exams for the continuing master’s study is the 26th of June 2016; the applicants will be notified of the concrete time and date in the invitation to the entrance exams. An alternated date for admissions will be 4th of July 2017 – only on the basis of applications handed in late on the day the entrance exams take place.