Doctoral studies

Study programme: Economics and management in the field of study:

  • Management

The programme has been accredited in the Czech and English language. The standard length of study is 3 years, the maximum period of study is five years.

Admission requirements

Each doctoral programme applicant must pass the entrance exam.

Until may 15, 2017 it is necessary to submit an electronic application to study at the University of economics and pay an administrative fee for the admission procedure.

The application can be obtained at:

After submitting the electronic application, the candidate receives (on the email address submitted in the application) the account number and variable symbol, which should be used for the payment of an administrative fee for admission. This fee can be paid by a postal order or a bank transfer; no other method of payment is accepted. The administrative fee for the admission procedure for the academic year 2017/2018 is CZK 640.

Fees for the admission procedure for all study programs in foreign languages is EUR 50.

(The payment is considered complete when the prescribed fee amount with an appropriate variable symbol has been credited to our bank account. If the credited amount is lower (eg. the bank will charge a handling fee), the applicant will not be enrolled in the entrance exam.)

A foreign applicant may pay the fee in the Czech currency (CZK) or in any other currency in the amount corresponding to the fee (corresponding to the exchange rate maintained by the ČNB on the date of payment).

The administrative fee payment must be sent no later than 15 May 2017.

Applicant may submit the application to multiple fields of study (not to multiple forms of study). It is necessary to submit a separate application and pay an administrative fee associated with the admission procedure for each field of study. For doctoral studies, however, we assume that the applicants are highly interested in a particular field.

In case of applicant’s absence on the entrance exam, the administrative fee for the admission procedure will not be refunded .

The following documents are required to be submitted with the application form (until May 15, 2017)

  1. Appendix to the application and a declaration of previous and concurrent studies that can be found at,
  2. brief professional CV, the list of own published scientific papers with a brief annotation and reviews of these works,
  3. confirmation of the highest achieved education (or notary certified copy of both the diploma and the final report, for the abroad students also the nostrification of the diploma)
  4. applicants, who assumes the completion of master studies after the deadline for submitting the application and applicants who gained the previous education abroad (nostrification of a diploma, until an international treaty provides otherwise), must submit a confirmation of the highest achieved education at the latest before issuing a decision on acceptance to study,
  5. research proposal compiled in a form of a scientific essay of 4-6 A4 pages in Czech, Slovak or English language. To the presented scientific essay must be attached a detailed list of studied domestic and world literature related to the subject. The applicant is required to state the name of an associate professor or professor, with whom he consulted the focus of the intended topic of the dissertation thesis. List of supervisors is available at the faculty website.

Entrance exam

Entrance exam takes place on 21 june 2017.

The right to take the exam at an alternative date may be granted only on the basis of a timely submitted and reasoned request (approved by the dean of Faculty of Management). Alternative date – September 2017.

Detailed information on the entrance exam will be given in the invitation letter. Before the entrance exam the applicant must

  • prove their identity and citizenship with an identity card or passport,
  • submit additional documents according to the invitation letter to the entrance exam.

The entrance exam consists of

  • research proposal discussion,
  • english language examination.

Research proposal discussion

Research proposal discussion is in the form of a debate related to the issue of the study programme to which the applicant is applying. Professional interest, knowledge of the study programme and the overall readiness of applicant for the doctoral studies are assessed. The research proposal discussion assumes a level of knowledge in a range of state final examination of master’s degree at Faculty of Management, University of Economics.

English language examination

Duration of the examination is about 30 minutes and includes

  1. Reading of a professional, general economic text (15-20 lines), its summarization, content, or translation into Czech,
  2. debate on the subject of applicant’s specialization and their research focus.

Students of Faculty of Management take a mandatory exam from english language;

  1. government scholarships holders take an extra examination from the Czech language,
  2. foreign students who are studying Czech programme are given the same admission requirements as for government scholarship holders; the only exception are students from the Slovak Republic, who pass the exam the same as students from the Czech Republic,
  3. possible exceptions in the choice of a language in the context of the examination are within the competence of the Dean, who will decide upon written request.

Evaluation of an entrance exam

The research proposal discussion is evaluated by a grade and by a verbal evaluation. The language part of the entrance examination is evaluated by a grade.

Grading system:

  • 1 – great
  • 2 – very well
  • 3 – good
  • 4 – unsatisfactory

If the applicant has been evaluated in any part of the entrance exam with the grade 4 – unsatisfactory, he has failed the entrance exam. The commission writes a brief justification for this result.

After verifying the conditions for admission and according to the result of the entrance exam, specialization of applicants and the capacity of supervisors on the degree programme, the Dean decides on the acceptance or rejection of applicants for study.

A written decision on acceptance / non-acceptance to doctoral studies will be sent to each applicant in accordance with the Law on Higher Education.

Admitted applicants will receive a decision on admission to the doctoral study programme, incl. a decision on the form of study and admission to the department, as well as guidelines for the enrollment and initiation of studies.

In the case, that the applicant has not been admitted to studies solely for the lack of capacity of supervisors, the results of the entrance exam are valid one year from the date of its taking. Such applicant may in a prescribed manner apply in the next due date of the admission procedure with a request for acceptation of a successfully passed entrance exam.

In the admission decision, Dean reserves the right to change the form of study with regard to needs of the faculty after consultation with the guarantor of the field of study.

Applicants may request a review of the admission decision. The application is submitted to the Rector of the University of Economics via the dean of the faculty, who issued the admission decision, within 30 days of its receipt.

Applicant who has been enrolled in a doctoral programme becomes a doctoral student on the day of enrollment.

Conditions of the doctoral study program are governed by Study and Examination Regulations for doctoral degree programs at the University of Economics and the Standards and requirements of the Ph.D. student.

doc. Ing. Tomáš Kincl, Ph.D.

Vicedean pro Science and Ph.D. Studies, Faculty of Management, University of Economics