Bachelor program

Contitions valid for academic year 2017/2018

Characteristics of the branch of study and employment possibilities of graduates

Students are prepared for working in middle and upper levels of management in assorted companies and organisations. We expect graduates to have the ability to coordinate activities and resources, and create the environment and conditions for fulfilling the organizational goals using these skills.
The crucial competencies of the studies which are developed in the required parts of the course pertain to the most important areas that form the basic scope of employment for a manager. Among these, above all, are the ability to push themselves, manage relationships and organizations, make connections and manage changes. In the course of the development of ones faculties of self-management, increased care is placed on one’s cultivation and habits, which lead to the need for life-long learning in this regard.
Besides these managerial competencies, the graduate of the department is equipped with the knowledge and ability to apply the economic tools necessary for managing organizations and the orientation in the development of the economic conditions in a concrete environment.

Type of study programme Name of study programme Subject field Standard length of study Maximum number of students accepted Form of study
Bachelor Economics and Management Management 3 years 200 Full-time, combined*

*) In the combined form of study, classes are in the form of workshops, usually held 4 times a semester on Friday afternoons and Saturdays

Conditions of acceptance

The legal condition for acceptance is the successful completion of secondary school or a specialized secondary school education. Fulfilment of this condition by the applicant shall be proven by a notarized copy of their school-leaving exams and a protocol with the results of their state school-leaving exams (if it was given within the framework of their school-leaving exams). Graduates of schools abroad (with the exception of Slovakia) can prove the fulfilment of these conditions by the validation of supplemental regulation number 12/2005 Sb.

Possibility to be accepted without the entrance exams

Applicants who duly handed in their application can be granted a waiver from the entrance exams, in accordance with the following rules:

  • those who document good results from mathematics and some of the above-mentioned world languages to 1.85, if they studied these subjects at least three years at a Czech or Slovak secondary school (detailed information), or
  • those whose exam results from the Common Study Pre-Requisite OSP Z – the basic exam or OSP R – the expanded examination (only parts will be calculated which are common to both tests, so OSP Z) within the framework of the National Comparison Test from the Scio s.r.o. company from 2016/2017 belong among the top 40% (i.e. a harmonized percentile of at least 60). (detailed information)

If the applicant documents the fulfilment of both conditions for the waiving of the entrance exams, the one that is more advantageous to the applicant will be counted.

After 12. 5. 2017, the faculty will process all applications of the applicants who requested a waiver from the entrance exams. In the case of a positive processed application, the applicant will be informed of an announcement of acceptance to study by letter, with the stated date for enrolling in studies (in the event that the certified copy of the school-leaving certificate and registry were attached to the application for waiving the entrance exams) or a letter with an announcement that conditions for waiving the entrance exams, in which it will also be stated the manner of documented successful passing of the state school leaving exams and the date for enrolling in studies. In cases where the entrance exam cannot be waived, the applicant will be informed by letter and invited to the entrance exams.

Acceptance based on entrance exam

Acceptance to the bachelor study program is pending on the successful passing of the entrance exams, which include the following parts (in the form of a written test assessed by the maximum number of points):

  • Prerequisite of Managerial Decision Making
    • Tests your knowledge of mathematics and your abilities in numerical, logical and structural thinking, and understanding texts etc.
    • Sample tests (available only in czech language) can be found here (don’t use sample tests to prepare from Mathematics from other faculties at VŠE, published at the website of VŠE).
  • World languages
    • Entrance exams are held in one chosen world language. You can choose from English, German, Russian, French or Spanish .
    • Holders of foreign passports, who did not sit for school-leaving exams in the Czech or Slovak Republics and their education is documented by a validation supplement, do not need an entrance exam in the Czech language. The chosen foreign language, however, cannot be the official language of the country of their citizenship.
    • Conditions are in accordance with the other faculties of VŠE. Sample tests (available only in czech language) can be found here.

Invitation to the entrance exams

The invitation to the entrance exams will be sent at least one month before the date of the exam electronically (which was given in the application). The electronic message will be sent to all applicants as at the time of the message there will not be a complete overview of which students have applied to have the entrance exams waived, and their status will not yet be determined. A written invitation to the entrance exams will subsequently be sent at a further date to those whose waiver request was not waived.

Evaluation of entrance exams and decision on acceptance

Results of the entrance exams will be processed separately for each of the offered study programmes.
It is necessary to gain a minimum number of points to pass the entrance exams, and will be rated in such a way as to those who are not successful will be a maximum of 25% of all applicants who sat the entrance exam. According to this way of compiling a sequence of applicants, the number of successful applicants will correspond to the capacity of the faculty. In the case that the right to enrol in studies (§ 51 law number 111/1998 Sb.) is not used by all students who were accepted, their places could be relinquished and offered to applicants who submit an application for review of the decision of non-acceptance. Criterion, in this case, the sequence will be compiled according to the total number of points gained, fulfilling the conditions for the successful passing of the entrance exams.

Applying to study

The period for submitting applications for bachelor’s studies is from 1. December 2016 to 30. April 2017.
Applications to study can be found in electronic form at After sending the application (at the electronic address the applicant has provided), the applicant will receive the account number and variable symbol and further instructions for payment that can be used for payment fees associated with the entrance exams.
The fee is 640,-Kč and it is possible to pay in full at the account listed in the payment instructions.
Applicants are regarded as registered when payment with the correct variable symbol is received in full on the faculty`s account. If the amount paid is lower than the amount specified in the instructions, the applicant will not be registered. The applicant will be informed of their state of payment and acceptance application at the electronic contact address provided by the applicant (email), and if need be can place an appeal in the form for handing in the application.

Dates of Entrance Exams

The date of the entrance exams for bachelor’s studies is 5. June 2017 – the applicants will be notified of the concrete time and room in the invitation to the entrance exams.
An alternate date for admissions will be 15. June 2017 – only on the basis of applications handed in late on the day the entrance exams take place.
Expected date of study enrollment is set on 15. June 2017 for those who waived the entrance exams and on 27. June 2017 for those who attended the entrance exams.