Acta Oeconomica Pragensia

Since 2010 the magazine has been included in the list of reviewed non-impacted periodicals published in the Czech Republic, while it is included in databases RePEc / EconPapers, ERIH PLUS EconBiz, ResearchBib and is indexed in the database EBSCO (Business Source Corporate Plus). Currently we are in the final stage of approval for inclusion in SCOPUS.
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  • Mgr. Klára Šimůnková
  • Fakulta managementu VŠE
  • Jarošovská 1117/II
  • Jindřichův Hradec
  • 37701
  • Czech republic
  • e-mail:
  • telefon: 384 417 113

Current issue (2/2017) provides the following scientific articles:

  • Kamila Matysová – International Trade Students’ Stereotypes
  • Marie Hladká, Vladimír Hyánek – A Model of Donor Behaviour in the Czech Republic
  • Jan Hospodka, Ondřej Buben, Jiří Šimůnek, Monika Randáková – Debt Relief in the Czech Republic – Analysis of Income, Overall Debt and Creditor Structure of the Debtors
  • Marta Nečadová – Measuring of National Competitiveness – Comparative Analysis of Visegrad Countries, Germany and Austria in Modified Porter’s SD Model and 9F Model
  • Lukáš Kučera – Real Interest Rate Channel from the Point of View of Chosen Theories of Investment
  • Miriam Jankalová, Radoslav Jankal – Monetary Integration in the 1960s
  • Pavel Sirůček – Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought – J. C. L. S. Sismondi

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