List of Courses

The exchange students can choose from ten courses taught in English. The courses cover topics from various spheres of management and marketing. Some courses are taught on a weekly basis, some of them in a two-week period (odd or even week); students can enroll one intensive course too.

Students can freely choose courses according their interest and study needs. We recommend them to enroll courses covering 25 – 35 ECTS. Students can get detailed information about the following courses by clicking on them.

Course name Identification ECTS Classes Bachelor/Masters
International Management and Marketing 62MMM2 7 Weekly Bachelor/Masters
Management of Complexity 62MNK2 7 Weekly Bachelor/Masters
Managerial Thinking and Decision-Making 61MMR2 3 Odd/even week Bachelor
Operations Management: Soft and Hard Approaches 61PRM2 10 Odd/even week Bachelor
Visual Qualitative Research Methods 62VVM2 4 Odd/even week Bachelor/Masters
Consumer Culture, Media Technologies and Marketing Communication 61SCM2 3 Intensive couse Bachelor
Marketing Strategy 62STM2 3 Intensive couse Masters


„My first impression was pretty positive. Everything starts with the friendly welcome at the airport by Tereza (his Czech Buddy). She was so kind and lovely helping me with everything out. She introduced me to the friends and everyone is so nice.

The impression of the Faculty of Management was very surprising, the University is pretty modern and everyone in there was so supportive and helpful. Furthermore I was positively surprised by the dormitory. Everything is so great and nice and everyone helps each other.

The Orientation Week was very great. We went to the Zoo, did a trip to Telc. It was so amazing, we had a lot of fun.

Jindrichuv Hradec is a very small interesting, beautiful city, even though I can’t pronounce it. All in all I am very happy to be here and I am so positively surprised. Everything is great and I am looking forward for more adventure.” - Josef, Germany (Aachen)

“First of all, I really love this city and the people who live in here, because I didn’t even know the name of the city before I came here, but our Buddies, our friends from the dorm and the teachers are so nice and friendly. And I din’t feel alone at all. I am really grateful to be here, discover the Czech culture and meet lovely people. I just wish that much here international students will discover this beautiful city and find a chance to study in VŠE with lovely people.” - Ozge, Turkey (Istanbul)