Study and Experience Program

Study at the Faculty of Management and discover the Czech Canada Natural Park

This Study & Experience Program is based on the principles of Study Tour. It gives a group of international students a unique opportunity to study one-week long intensive course focused on selected topic of management and marketing and discover the beauties of marvels city of Jindřichův Hradec and its surroundings at the same time.

The Faculty organizes this program in cooperation with the ESN VŠE Praha – Buddy System and VŠE International Office.

Studying at the Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management is the youngest faculty of the University of Economics, Prague. It offers education in the field of Management for nearly 1500 students. Its modern campus is located outside of Prague in lovely South Bohemian city Jindřichův Hradec.

The Faculty offers for participants of the Study & Experience Program the comprehensive intensive course in a range of 3 ECTS. The course is focused on pre-selected topics of management and marketing or can be tailored according to participants needs. The schedule usually consists of two teaching blocks a day.

Upcoming intensive courses: Spring 2018

Past intensive courses

Exploring Jindřichův Hradec and its Surroundings

Jindřichův Hradec is peaceful South Bohemian city with more then 22 500 inhabitants which is located near the Austrian border 160 km far from Prague.

Jindřichův Hradec is popular destination for tourists visiting beautiful spots of the South Bohemia Region. The dominant of this town is the third largest castle and chateau complexes in the Czech Republic. If you go for a walk through the city center, you can find traditional merchants houses with typical decorations and there are also many other historical monuments.

The city is a gateway to the Czech Canada Natural Park. This protected natural area got its name from the character of the local landscape, which is full of deep forests and numerous bodies of water, and also due to its rather harsh climate.

Participants will get the opportunity to explore all main tourist spots in Jindřichův Hradec during half-day guided city tour. They can also join full-day trip to the Czech Canada Natural Park full of many beautiful places such as Landštejn Castle, Church of the Holy Trinity, Osika Lake, or Bison Ranch in Rožnov settlement.

Having Fun & Making New Friends

All participants are welcomed to participate in any students sport or cultural activity during their stay in Jindřichův Hradec. They will obtain an actual schedule after their arrival. The International Office will appreciate their active participation in activities promoting students international mobility in a form of short presentation of participants’ home universities and towns.

Accommodation & Boarding

The Faculty offers participants accommodation in students’ dormitory for reduced price. The dormitory is situated in the center of Jindrichuv Hradec within 10 minutes distance from the faculty campus. The rooms are fully furnished. They are equipped with beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes, lockers and small refrigerator. Two rooms share the bathroom (shower, toilet, sink). Blankets, pillows, and bed linens are provided to students for free. The Wi-Fi internet connection is available in every room free of charge.

Participants can use the canteen which is located in the area of the dormitory. The canteen offers complete lunch menu for reduced price. If participants will be interested in eating breakfast, it can be arranged in faculty campus.

Tuition fee

The participation in the Study & Experience Program is free for every participant. There is no tuition fee. However, participants are obliged to cover all travelling expenses such as:

  • transportation costs
  • accommodation costs
  • boarding
  • entrance fees


If you want to join the Study & Experience Program or need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us:


“I appreciate at most the beauties of Jindrichuv Hradec and different – student’s friendly – teaching style of the lecturers at the Faculty of Management.” – Anna (Finland)

“I appreciate beautiful city of Jindrichuv Hradec, nice atmosphere and very nice people. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone participating exchange program in VSE. It was one of the best weeks in the Czech Republic as an experience. Thank you so much for this unique chance!” – Emma (Finland)

“I appreciate the incredible organization and a super-warm welcome. We were treated really nicely, both by students and professors. All of the staff working on the course was unbelievably helpful to us, and they were really giving their best to make us feel amazing in Jindrichuv Hradec.” – Tin (Croatia)

“The buddies were really nice and helpful. I really enjoyed the company of other Czech students and our evening together. Also the city is really beautiful and the faculty too.” – Sarah

“The teacher was really kind and funny and gave us good explanations.” – Anete (France)

“I appreciate at most our Buddies showing us all the beauties of Jindrichuv Hradec.” – Blaine & Le (Canada)

“The uni is very small and familiar, it has a warm atmosphere and made us feel comfortable. The teachers were definitely qualified and very friendly and it was fun to take their class. Our amazing Buddies organised a lot of enjoyable trips and activities for us and also helped us wherever they could. Therefore I’d definitely recommend the intensive course in Jindrichuv Hradec to other students.” – Floriana (Berlin, Germany)

“Highly recommended, everything was good and well prepaired. One week here showed us the benefits of being in a smaller university where u can easily be in touch with your professors and colleagues” – Carlo (Italy, Ravenna)

“I was impressed by the campus in Jindřichův Hradec. The faculty is very modern and nice. I enjoyed my time here, learning from the intelligent marketing professors and bonding with the helpful buddies. The buddies helped me get settled in the town and find my way around the area. They made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would definitely recommend this course and program to other students who want to explore a smaller part of the Czech Republic.” – Erica (Austin, Texas, USA)

“It was great, helpful, everyone were nice!” – Jona (Croatia, Osijek)

“The whole experience was amazing. It was definitely one of the most interesting courses I have had with great professors know who how to keep our attention. The building of the faculty is beautiful and I really enjoyed spending time at the university, as well as city sightseeing and all the organized trips. The buddies are great, I am really happy to have met them, and they could not have been more helpful and kind. I would suggest everybody to attend this course abd I will spread the word about this Faculty to everyone in Prague!” – Tea (Italy)

“It is out of my expectation, l enjoyed it very much, l will recommend every one to have a try.” – Gu (China) ZS 2017/2018

“The buddies were very kind and helpful. The lecturers were really passionate about the subject. Loved the trips we took and loved the town of JH! – Martin (Canada) ZS 2017/2018

“I would definitely recommend the program to other students. The Faculty is really nice and well equipped. The Buddies were friendly and helpful during both the trips and the nice activities they organized.” – Marco (Italy) ZS 2017/2018

“It was well-organized” – Yvonne (Russia) ZS 2017/2018